Confirm your Enrollment


All admitted freshmen, including Innovation Academy and PaCE and UF Online admits, should secure their space by accepting their offer of admissions and submitting the tuition deposit as soon as plans to attend UF are firm. The deposit must be paid by May 1.

The $200 non-refundable deposit will be credited to your account when you enroll to be used toward your tuition and fees.

If you do not enroll, you will forfeit the deposit. Failure to submit the deposit before the deadline will cancel your offer of admission and your space will be released to another applicant.


All students offered admission are required to submit the tuition deposit. Potential scholarship funding cannot be used in lieu of this deposit. Florida Prepaid Tuition funds are not released until you have enrolled for classes, so these funds cannot be used either.

If there is a balance in your account after your tuition and fees are paid your initial semester, you will receive a refund disbursement.


If you have demonstrated financial need, you may make arrangements with the Office of Admissions to waive the tuition deposit. Generally, if your UF application fee was waived, you will receive a tuition deposit waiver as well. However, you must accept your offer of admission and confirm your intention to enroll before the May 1 deadline.

If your federal financial aid needs analysis indicates that you are eligible for a Pell Grant, you may qualify for a tuition deposit reduction.

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